San Francisco Making Wishes Come True: Batkid

From the food, to the shopping, to the beautiful scenery, San Francisco has always been one of my favorite cities! Back in 2013 the city teamed up with  Make-A-Wish Foundation to help fulfill the dream of a little boy battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  Miles Scott’s wish was to become Batman. With the help of thousands of volunteers, city officials, businesses, and supporters San Francisco was turned into “Gotham City” – the fictional home city of Batman.

It wasn’t long before the campaign went viral using the hashtag #SFBatkid. This campaign quickly became one of the largest and most elaborate Make-A-Wish projects ever staged. All of San Francisco found themselves taking part in the heartwarming adventure. Thousands of people took the time out of their busy routine to volunteer and take part in the emotional quest to make the boy’s dream come true, including the mayor himself. Even more people got involved online sending their encouragement via tweets, Instagram photos, and Facebook updates. President Obama notably congratulated Miles via his first ever Vine video, saying: “Way to go, Miles. Way to save Gotham!” It wasn’t long before this young boy’s wish gained worldwide attention. This campaign is a perfect example of how social media marketing can bring the community together to accomplish a wonderful cause.

Not only did this campaign achieve the wish of a deserving young boy, it also generated a great deal of publicity for the Make-A-Foundation. Make-A-Wish foundation reported that they saw an increase in offers of help across all areas including donations, volunteers, referrals, and other services. This campaign goes to show that social media can also play a large role in increasing brand awareness for non-profit organizations. It is estimated that this campaign generated an estimated 1.7 billion social impressions.

To read more about this story or to make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation visit the link below:


Frank Coffee Scrub-Let’s Be Frank

I first met Frank on Instagram while scrolling through my news feed. I ended up clicking on the Frank Body Scrub page, following them, and becoming gradually obsessed.  Frank is essentially just a coffee scrub in a cute paper bag designed to be used in the shower. This product targets people with dry skin, cellulite, stretch marks, and eczema and quickly developed into the brand personality known as “Frank.”

The marketers of this brand coined the widely used hashtags #thefrankeffect and #letsbefrank which gained a lot of traction in a relatively short amount of time. They have done an excellent job of not only getting people to follow their page and like their posts but encouraging scrubbers to snap selfies using Frank and posting the pictures on Instagram using the hashtags, which is a great form of free advertising for the brand.

Frank changed the way woman view their bodies through successful social media marketing tactics.  They brought to light the challenges that many woman face with their bodies such as stretch marks and allowed woman to positively view their imperfections and embrace their bodies.

This product has gained so much attention through social media that it’s now commonly used by all consumers, not just those who experience the issues listed above.

I believe that their clever and witty captions have allowed consumers to relate to the brand and view the brand as companion rather than just a company whose selling a product. An example of one of their captions is: “The only thing I want to see on you(other than me) is a smile #letsbefrank.”

Well done Frank!

An example of an Instagram post used to help create Frank’s brand personality.

IKEA: Norway Campaign

Recently, I came across a campaign that IKEA did in Norway which really caught my attention. The objective of their campaign was to get people talking about their catalogue and that they did! The company posted a message across its social profiles encouraging people to take photos of their favorite products from its latest physical catalogue and post them on Instagram using  the company name and product name as hashtags. As an incentive the company chose a few lucky participants to win their favorite item for free.

Not only did their customers win but so did IKEA whose entire catalogue eventually ended up on Instagram. It was dubbed “The Social Catalogue” as nearly every single page had been documented by a different follower. This campaign was executed with virtually no costs to the company and it helped to expand awareness for individual products that might not have been featured in regular ads or campaigns.

Stella and Dot

What’s not to love about Stella and Dot? I was first introduced to the brand in 2010 and immediately fell in love! They make some of the cutest jewelry and accessories out there and also create entrepreneurial opportunities for women!

Although they create high quality products they still manage to offer their products at different price points which allows more women to experience the great products that they have to offer.  They also offer products that can be worn multiple ways, which allows consumers to feel as though they are getting more value for their money.

Stella and Dot appeals to a wide market and could benefit from actively using Pinterest to further promote their brand. The majority of Pinterest users are female mothers. Twenty-eight percent of these women have a household income of $100k+ which fits perfectly with Stella and Dott’s target market. Pinterest would  also provide Stella and Dot with the perfect platform to post helpful style tips which will allow them to add value to consumers and be viewed as an educator rather than just a company who has products to sell.

Stella and Dot could also consider adding a feature to their website where customers can go to view all past purchases. On this page it would be wise for Stella and Dot to provide style tips specific to the products that the customer has bought. Time and time again I buy a product in-store with the help of a sales associate and when I get home I’m lost in trying to remember the ways in which they recommended it be worn! One of the great features of Stella and Dot’s products is that they can often be worn multiple ways. The easier a company makes it for their customers to wear a product the greater the likelihood of them enjoying it, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases. The convenience of this feature will also help to reduce post purchase dissonance.

The only downside to this brand is that it’s only available online and through in-home trunk shows held by independent stylists.  It hasn’t however, stopped me from continuing to buy these amazing products! Nearly every time I wear their products I receive an endless number of compliments. See a few of my favorites below or check out what they have to offer on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.

earrings 2 earrings5 earrings earrings3

Kayla Itsines: Fitness Guru

With almost  1.6 followers on Instagram Kayla Itsines has successfully helped thousands to achieve their fitness goals.

She consistently posts motivational messages and shares helpful, relevant fitness tips. Unlike others in the fitness industry who use social media to promote themselves and gain personal attention Kayla’s main priority is to motivate, guide, and encourage others to be the version of themselves.  

There are millions of fitness enthusiasts on social media which can make it difficult to  differentiate one person from the next.  This challenge can lead to the question of whom to follow. The reason I love Kayla is because she promotes getting and staying in shape in a healthy, positive, and natural way. I appreciate her honesty and how she is willing to address and answer questions her followers have. She doesn’t promote dieting, or fitness fads but rather shares the importance creating a balanced lifestyle through eating healthy and exercising regularly. Here are a few sample posts from Kayla:

quinoablog 2blog 1

I came across Kayla’s page just over a year ago when she didn’t nearly have the same number of followers she has today. Today, with 1.6 million followers Kayla still remains humble and true to who she’s always been. If you are looking for healthy eating habits, ways to stay in shape, or ways to get in shape, Kayla is your girl!

You can check out her Instagram page here: