Frank Coffee Scrub-Let’s Be Frank

I first met Frank on Instagram while scrolling through my news feed. I ended up clicking on the Frank Body Scrub page, following them, and becoming gradually obsessed.  Frank is essentially just a coffee scrub in a cute paper bag designed to be used in the shower. This product targets people with dry skin, cellulite, stretch marks, and eczema and quickly developed into the brand personality known as “Frank.”

The marketers of this brand coined the widely used hashtags #thefrankeffect and #letsbefrank which gained a lot of traction in a relatively short amount of time. They have done an excellent job of not only getting people to follow their page and like their posts but encouraging scrubbers to snap selfies using Frank and posting the pictures on Instagram using the hashtags, which is a great form of free advertising for the brand.

Frank changed the way woman view their bodies through successful social media marketing tactics.  They brought to light the challenges that many woman face with their bodies such as stretch marks and allowed woman to positively view their imperfections and embrace their bodies.

This product has gained so much attention through social media that it’s now commonly used by all consumers, not just those who experience the issues listed above.

I believe that their clever and witty captions have allowed consumers to relate to the brand and view the brand as companion rather than just a company whose selling a product. An example of one of their captions is: “The only thing I want to see on you(other than me) is a smile #letsbefrank.”

Well done Frank!

An example of an Instagram post used to help create Frank’s brand personality.

8 thoughts on “Frank Coffee Scrub-Let’s Be Frank

  1. I love Frank! I never thought about what they did from a marketing standpoint but it all makes sense and explains their success.


  2. Frankly speaking, I have never heard of this product. Thanks for sharing this information. I am not a coffee drinker but your blog intrigues me enough that I may just have to try this product in its different form and purpose.

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  3. Never heard of this product, love how they made their marketing campaign based on viewing your body in a positive way! Definitely a must try product


  4. Not only is this an amazing product (as i have heard lots about it) but it seems like we can also be creative while using it, like taking selfies, and hashtags. Very informative about their marketing campaign!


  5. I was someone who struggled with stretch marks after having my first born. A friend recommended Frank and I experienced great results! It was awesome to use a product that made me feel good about myself.


  6. I do not believe this product would be as successful as it has been if it wasn’t for the companies ability to bring to light something that society has traditionally viewed negatively(stretch marks etc.). You have raised a very good point.


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