IKEA: Norway Campaign

Recently, I came across a campaign that IKEA did in Norway which really caught my attention. The objective of their campaign was to get people talking about their catalogue and that they did! The company posted a message across its social profiles encouraging people to take photos of their favorite products from its latest physical catalogue and post them on Instagram using  the company name and product name as hashtags. As an incentive the company chose a few lucky participants to win their favorite item for free.

Not only did their customers win but so did IKEA whose entire catalogue eventually ended up on Instagram. It was dubbed “The Social Catalogue” as nearly every single page had been documented by a different follower. This campaign was executed with virtually no costs to the company and it helped to expand awareness for individual products that might not have been featured in regular ads or campaigns.


5 thoughts on “IKEA: Norway Campaign

  1. This is a great idea. Sounds like IKEA was the real winner here. Social media can be the cheapest yet most successful form of advertising when done correctly!


  2. Real creative on the part of Ikea to draw such huge exposure for their catalogue and the only tradeoff they had to make was a free promotion/giveaway for a few free items. That’s great business.

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  3. The more I read about the use of social media as a marketing tool makes me think I need to get more involved with social media tools cause I am likely missing some very interesting info


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