Stella and Dot

What’s not to love about Stella and Dot? I was first introduced to the brand in 2010 and immediately fell in love! They make some of the cutest jewelry and accessories out there and also create entrepreneurial opportunities for women!

Although they create high quality products they still manage to offer their products at different price points which allows more women to experience the great products that they have to offer.  They also offer products that can be worn multiple ways, which allows consumers to feel as though they are getting more value for their money.

Stella and Dot appeals to a wide market and could benefit from actively using Pinterest to further promote their brand. The majority of Pinterest users are female mothers. Twenty-eight percent of these women have a household income of $100k+ which fits perfectly with Stella and Dott’s target market. Pinterest would  also provide Stella and Dot with the perfect platform to post helpful style tips which will allow them to add value to consumers and be viewed as an educator rather than just a company who has products to sell.

Stella and Dot could also consider adding a feature to their website where customers can go to view all past purchases. On this page it would be wise for Stella and Dot to provide style tips specific to the products that the customer has bought. Time and time again I buy a product in-store with the help of a sales associate and when I get home I’m lost in trying to remember the ways in which they recommended it be worn! One of the great features of Stella and Dot’s products is that they can often be worn multiple ways. The easier a company makes it for their customers to wear a product the greater the likelihood of them enjoying it, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases. The convenience of this feature will also help to reduce post purchase dissonance.

The only downside to this brand is that it’s only available online and through in-home trunk shows held by independent stylists.  It hasn’t however, stopped me from continuing to buy these amazing products! Nearly every time I wear their products I receive an endless number of compliments. See a few of my favorites below or check out what they have to offer on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.

earrings 2 earrings5 earrings earrings3


8 thoughts on “Stella and Dot

  1. Always love to receive Stella and Dot even the packaging is beautiful
    They use every opportunity to promote their product from the catalogue to product placements, pintrest would even further their brand awareness – I always look at the number of pins as my measure of how well liked something is


  2. As a university student with little disposable income it’s often hard for me to find jewelry that I can afford that still fits with my style. Thanks for introducing me to this company. They have a new customer:)


  3. I don’t know much about Jewelry but I am a fan and do wear some. It sounds like Stella and Dot offer a wide range of products and prices which allows them to be in play for a larger number of consumers. Choosing to use a social media platform predominantly used by women to create conversation and PR also is smart. Great Business.


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